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Solar Energy Panels

From Solar World to LG Panels, from German made to Solar Panels made right here in

The United States,

we've got you

covered right

here in Florida.

Complete an application below and we will shop you for the best rate possible.  Rates typically range from 4.99% up to 28%.  Obviously we want the best rate for you so that you can save more money on your journey going GREEN and saving you money on your Energy bill.

Does Financing make sense to you?

Let's say that you take out a $10,000 Loan at 5.75% interest over a 7-year period to finance your system.


Here's how the loans might stack up against your energy savings:

What you pay in loan interests & fees



How much you save

on your Energy bill.



You'll pay a few thousand dollars more in loan interest and fees, but you'll stand to save over $29,000  in Energy bills over the lifetime of your system.

Imagine what you would save if your electricity bill was higher?

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